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We need assessment data. March 31, 2008

Posted by Ed 831 Ken in Uncategorized.

Chris Lehmann indicated that he was not too concerned about data to support the technology program at his school.  I agree that one can get hung up on data and lose sight of the progress; however, data is a key component of any large scale change.  My concern would be that the powers to be will begin to question the validity of this technology base school if there is no data to support increased student learning.  Whether this data comes from standards based tests or not, that is irrelevant.  The important part is that there is some data being collected and analyzed to show increased student achievement.



1. Shaun Loeppky - April 1, 2008

Although I loathe this data centered pendulum we are on at the moment, but right now I completely agree that some type of measurement is needed to validate, if anything, the resources needed to not only maintain but improve our education system.

I just despise the fact that we as educators are struggling to find many different teaching tools to reach our students, and yet our students can only respond with a pencil and paper standardized test.

Multiple Intelligences (a favourite mantra of mine) is completely thrown out the window with these type of summative assessments.

2. Dean - April 2, 2008

Ken, I’m going to echo your thoughts and those of Shaun’s. I agree that data is needed to drive change. My concern would be the quality of the data would direct the quality of change. I think that the people in the decision making postions need to try to make sure that quality data can be collected. If not I wonder no change would be better than a poor change.

3. tammysillers - April 15, 2008

Hey Ken,
I actually missed the Chris Lehmann presentation, but had the opportunity to have a skype conversation with him last week, and was quite frankly shocked when he indicated he wasn’t that concerned with data.
I’d agree with you, data is important – but I think what Dean points out is also important – we need to ensure we’re using the right data for the right purposes. Data is tricky stuff – it can appear deceptively straightforward, but there always seems to be another angle that could be looked at. I’m hopeful we won’t travel the path the Americans or even other provinces have gone down…but I don’t think we can throw it out the window entirely.

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