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Second Life – Opinion March 16, 2008

Posted by Ed 831 Ken in Uncategorized.

I experienced a program called Second Life this week. There were a lot of people in our session.  This added somewhat to the frustration of things not working so smoothly.  I felt sorry for the instructor, Kirk Kezema, as more and more people started to enter the room. 

This is a really neat application for distance education.  I taught an online learning course called Cisco Networking.  It had some multimedia parts to the course; however, it was quite dry in parts.  The face to face part of the course balanced out the pure online component to make it more interesting.  If we had a SL type of environment, the students would have been more motivated.

 I’ve never been a gamer; however, those that are would be highly motivated by this type of application.



1. Alec Couros - March 17, 2008

Second Life does have some neat features the more I explore it, but I think it needs a lot of time invested to experience much of it. I am not sure if it is for everyone, but at least you now can speak up about your initial reactions to the environment.

2. Shaun loeppky - March 18, 2008

I remember in the early 90’s? at a SACE conference in Regina a presenter was talking about using avatars to teach a virtual course at a university in the U.S. The avatars were essentially dashes and dots in a virtual room.
He directed much of his message toward the gamers in the room. Out of the 20 people there, I was the only “gamer”.
I wish I could remember who that presenter was!

3. Kirk Kezema (Jeff Kurka) - April 13, 2008

Ken…it was great having you along for the tour. I think you are on the right track with your comment, “this is a really neat application for distance education.” In time I believe 3D virtual environments will become a wonderful tool for distance education.

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