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Customize The Web March 14, 2008

Posted by Ed 831 Ken in Uncategorized.

The presentation by Stephen Downes was interesting.  As technology has evolved, it has become easier and easier to perform tasks using technology.  Examples of this are intertwined into our class – slideshare, voicethread, blogging, website development, wikis, and so on.  A few years ago, these applications would have only been possible by advanced programmers.  However, these applications are available to everyone today.  There is very little technical background required to use most of these applications at the beginner level.  This is a good thing for education.  Educators can concentrate on using the tools to enhance learning, rather than spending months (or years) learning how to use the tool. 

As an ex-computer science teacher, I appreciated Stephen’s presentation.  It was valuable to see how you could take these technologies and enhance them.  The result is an application that is unique and customized to the user.  This could be used in the computer science type classes.  It is not for everyone as most of us were overwhelmed with the technical difficulty of the application; however, it was a useful exercise in the behind the scenes inner workings of some of the technologies that we use. 



1. Ryan - March 18, 2008

I agree with you. Many great applications are becoming very easy to use. Stephen’s presentation had some interesting moments. Although much of it was very specific to what he’s been doing with his own application, he did provide an interesting example for computer science teachers. What he is doing is not necessarily creating new applications, but re-creating. He combines a lot of features of existing applications to serve his purpose. This is would be great for some levels of CS students to see.

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