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If A Picture is Worth 1000 Words February 10, 2008

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 If a Picture is  Worth 1000 Words 

This is a very powerful video about the impact technology can have in schools (and society for that matter).


I was the VP at a school where we had a similar student.  This particular student also had cancer.  I met the parents and some other relatives, saw pictures of the student, showed the pictures to the teacher, gave the student school material (agenda, t-shirt, gym shorts, etc.), and was in intermittent contact with the family.


I never met the student and the student was never spoken to by the school.  The student passed away a couple of months after enrolling in the school.


This type of communication using Skype (or a similar technology) would have been a positive experience for the sick child, as well as the class.  It would have given the child a sense of belonging to the school and class.


This is an example of how we can use technology in ways that would not be possible without the technology.


Alec commented in the blog posting about the dangers of filtering programs (like Skype).  If that was the case, this project would not have been possible.  I do agree, however, there must be some procedures in place to protect the safety of schools and children while using technology, yet still promoting the use of technology in positive manner.



1. Alec Couros - February 10, 2008

It’s so very sad that the child in your experience passed away. I think you are correct in saying “it would have given the child a sense of belonging to the school and class”. And, who knows what else that could have done.

Really sorry to hear the outcome.

2. Corey Terry - February 13, 2008

Very, very powerful…way to go Ken! At the grade 4 level to have this type of depth to the classroom is amazing!

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